A Look At Facts About Smoking And Home Fires

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According to recent studies, smoking is the number one favorite pastime of Americans. Every one out of four Americans smoke. While it may be a popular way to spend free time, it is also a common way to start fire accidents around the home and in other areas. That is why more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes.

These little gadgets are many times safer than traditional cigarettes in so many ways including preventing fire accidents. If you are still not convinced to make the switch, here are some facts that might change your mind:

1. Smoking is the leading cause of home fire fatalities in the US

Each year, many children, women and men lose their lives because of home fires caused by cigarette smoking. These number increases every year despite the numerous campaigns by the government and non-government organizations. Many of the victims of these fire accidents never thought it could happen to them. The fires affect not just you the smoker but also those in your house and your neighbors. That is why the government is calling on citizens to be vigilant and report any smoke law violations as soon as possible.

House on Fire

2. Shocking facts about those lost in the fires

More than 1000 individuals lose their lives each year due to smoking material home fires. People who are close to the source of the fire are often not saved because he fire burns hot and spreads fast. Most of the fires that start due to smoking begin on furniture, beds on in the trash. That means that the smoker forgets to put it out properly before going to bed or before throwing the residue in the trash.

Of the victims who die in the fires, 34% are children of the smokers and 25% are friends or neighbors of the smoker. Surprisingly, one in every four victims who lose their lives is not the smoker who caused the fire.

3. It is possible to prevent fires caused by cigarette as well as other smoking material

Even though the statistics are shocking, do not view the situation as hopeless since these fires are preventable with a few simple actions. The major action you need to take is creating awareness. Begin by presenting these facts, statistics and tips to your local community. You can do that via a newsletter, at events or during meetings. It is also vital to engage the media in your efforts.

The public has a right to know that smoking is the number one cause of fire deaths in their country. The media should aim to include statistics and tips of preventing such fires when they report about such cases. Radio stations can also run public service announcements to enlighten the public about such dangers.

4. You can make a big difference

You as the smoker can also make a big difference when it comes to preventing fires at home. The US government has formed an organization called United States Fire Administration, which has the main function of preventing home fire injuries and deaths. This organization has collaborated with other organizations to carry out a campaign, telling smokers to put it out all the way every time. This means, the smokers are urged to put out their cigarettes completely before disposing them.

121107-A-RE111-1155. Switch to electronic cigarettes

According to research, electronic cigarettes are several times safer to use than traditional cigarettes. This is because unlike traditional cigarettes, e cigars do not burn tobacco to produce nicotine. Instead, they contain a nicotine liquid solution inside a cartridge, which is heated up by a battery and turned to vapor, which you inhale. The e cigar does not produce any kind of fire and therefore cannot burn anything even if you put it down and forget about it. They only thing that will happen is that it will run out of battery and go off.

It is very clear that while smoking is a fan and popular way to kill time, it certainly has major risks especially when it comes to fire accidents at home. If you are a smoker, it is up to you not to endanger the health and life of your family and neighbors. You can choose to either be responsible and put out the cigarette all the way each time or switch to e cigars.