A Guide to Sleep Disorders and Its Types

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Happy is he who gets proper sleep every night. This is a huge tragedy of life, while people are struggling to survive comfortably by earning enough to buy luxuries, their greatest inability is to get some relaxation and sleep well. This is the reason, the queues of patients with sleeping disorder is becoming bigger with each passing day, outside the doctor’s clinics.

There are a variety of sleeping disorders that people complain of , but the most common of them is Insomnia. This is mostly found in youngsters, and is closely related to depression and hysteria. It is a condition that does not allow an individual to stay in a condition of sleep for long hours, and hence the person suffers from low quality sleep. Insomnia can be of two types, one that is short term and the other is the lingering type.

Sleep Disorders

Some sort of emotional unrest in society, or close peer group, exhaustion from work or some kind of sickness can be a reason behind the short term insomnia. It is short lived and regains normalcy once the nerve-wrangling situation is overcome. The lingering kind of insomnia, contrarily stays for a minimum of three months and may still carry on to stay.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD, who is a famous psychiatrist in New York, diagnoses and treats different types of mental disorders along with sleep disorders. He has many patients who come to him to get their problem of Insomnia treated particularly, because he specializes in that.

Sleep apnea is another type of sleeping disorder in which the respiring of the person concerned, either stops or dims down considerably while sleeping. The gap in the breathing can be 10 or 20 seconds, and these pauses can occur 20 to 25 times. Sometimes these pauses last for even an hour. The sleeper has to wake up in the middle of his sleep to breathe properly again and take in oxygen. This is how the sleep gets interrupted all the time.

Studies show that sleep apnea has physical reasons behind its occurrence; obesity topping the list, tonsils that are enormous, or blocked nose, sinus congestion are among the other causes of sleep apnea. Instant relief from this can be got by the use of CPAP, a mechanical device that is worn during the time of sleep to keep the supply of oxygen continually.

Though Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD is a psychiatrist yet he conducts treatments for all sorts of sleeping disorders especially Insomnia. He carries out procedures like psychotherapy of family and group, and additional psychiatric medication therapy. He has been identified as an ace Child Psychiatrist and Psychiatrist.

Another major problem related to sleep is snoring. This is suddenly becoming a huge problem in every household and is a medical condition too that needs to be treated. This sleeping disability affects not only the snoring person but all those sleeping close to him. Caused due to the narrowing of the airspace in your nostrils, this condition can be effectively treated and taken respite from.

After a hard days work, it is the right of all hardworking people to be able to sleep peacefully like a baby, so that they can gather up the energy required for continuing their hard work again; it is thus that no sleeping disorder should be ignored, instead they should be treated immediately and effectively.