6 Major Advantages of E-learning Training Programs

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The benefits of e-learning training programs are immense and highly flexible. Whether you are still in college; or you are already out and waiting – hitting the tarmac in search of job opportunities; or you are already employed but you would like to advance your prospects by acquiring more skills, the best tool you can resort to is an online learning program or management system.

The challenges of the 21st Century now compel people to learn more than ever before in order to remain relevant and competitive. If you make the mistake of assuming that what you know is enough, and you sit on your laurels or sleep on the job, you will soon find yourself buried under the rabble of unskilled personnel – yes, what you learnt 3 years ago may not be relevant today.

Technology now touches every sphere of our lives, and most of what we do at home, in the workplace, in shopping malls, and even while getting entertained now revolves around new innovations. Not to be left behind, and to keep pace with the changes, you need new knowledge every day. Due to time constraints or the demands imposed by work requirements this may not be possible in a formal school environment, but you can easily advance your knowledge and skills by taking part in eLearning programs. Here are reasons why this will be to your advantage.

  • ELearning is cheap and affordable: Compared to formal classroom or training programs, this form of learning is cheap. Live classroom coaching and training is not only prohibitively costly, but also cumbersome. Content delivered through technology based solutions are less expensive per end user due to scalable distribution.
  • It is modern, efficient and highly flexible:  You do not have to get out of the workplace in order to learn because already you are using a computer to work. This can be your classroom too. Employees at work can now easily gain access to a corporate learning environment where up-to-date, cost-effective, work-related programs that can produce highly motivated, skilled and knowledgeable workforce are available.
  • Easy access: eLearning has made it easy for businesses and organizations to distribute training materials and critical business information to thousands of employees in multiple locations instantaneously and conveniently.
  • Consistency of learning: Information and training materials on eLearning environments are regularly updated across entire networks. This keeps the content fresh and consistent, allowing students/trainees access to the most current and relevant data. This is a far cry from a formal classroom where lessons are learnt once and subsequently forgotten.
  • Control over the learning process: The high level of flexibility and simulation that can be tailored to the learners speed and proficiency creates room for individual differences in learning styles. Chances that you can fail a learning module are completely eliminated because you are able to learn at your own pace by reviewing the course materials as often as you want.
  • Higher interactivity and collaboration: There is higher scope and latitude for interaction with experts, peers, and other professionals. Teaching and communication techniques like use of case studies, demonstrations, storytelling, simulations, role-playing, discussion groups, personalized coaching and mentoring, project teams, chat rooms, and tutorials etc which are available online create a highly interactive environment. This is stimulating and encourages more critical reasoning.

With all these advantages and more, it is hard to imagine why you still persist in paying through the nose to sit in a lecture hall. The online environment has a lot of free resources that you can benefit from. Why not start surfing today in search of a suitable program?

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for platinumelearning who are known for their e learning courses.