5 Things New Home Buyers Love to See

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So you intend to sell your house, or maybe you might one day want to sell. How about moving out to get a new place? Let’s start with the last option – it is pointless to dream about moving on simply because your place is currently rundown and dilapidated. Probably on a doctor’s advice you could be forced to move to a new environment. This means you will have to sell. But ordinarily, being inclined to sell because the place is forlorn-looking is downright thoughtless because you can improve the look of your home through renovation.

install a skylight

Whether you are renovating your place because you want to sell it, or simply to make it look better, there are important points you need to note in order to get the job properly done. For those who want to sell, there are specific things that prospective home buyers look for. The whole point behind carrying out a renovation is to make your home look more beautiful, livable, comfortable and attractive. But when you want to sell, your main focus is to significantly increase the value of your home. Here is what you need to do.

  • Set down your budget first by determining how much work you want done, or quantify the amount of work you are going to do so that you can determine what you want to spend.
  • The first thing you need to consider when renovating is to create open, bright spaces. If you are a real estate agent you already know how dark, cramped spaces can be a nightmare. If the rooms are small or are not exposed to natural light, consider adding more space and light by opening floor space by removing walls, add windows, widen doorways and even install a skylight. Skylights are becoming a hot trend for newly remodeled homes. If you’re interested in putting one in, check out Long Island Roofing. The kitchen and the living areas could be combined to create an open-plan feel.
  • The curb appeal of your home has a huge potential. Do not concentrate only on the inside while renovating, but make sure that you house looks attractive even from the outside. A few things you can do include: repair any damages and then repaint the exterior, improve your walkways and driveways, improve your landscaping through regular mowing and adding more flowers, and ensure there is no clutter or trash lying about.
  • Expand the living areas by creating out-door spaces. The most cost-effective way to do so is to add decks. Prospects place a lot of value on outdoor living spaces that are uniquely and stylishly designed. Design decks with unique features such as fire pits, garden beds and benches
  • Even without moving a single block, you can give your home a fresh look by merely repainting. Bright, neutral colors are less startling to potential customers.
  • Finally, transform your basement from a storehouse for winter junk by adding recreation areas and living spaces down there. This area can also serve well as a guest suite.

Remember, many old homes have features that are not eco-friendly which could pose serious problems with new homeowners. Incorporate as many green living ideas as possible into your renovations, for instance, installing energy efficient doors and windows, and adding solar power etc.