5 Silly Themed Weddings

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While many couples opt to forgo the traditional wedding ceremonies of their parents’ and grandparents’ generation, most couples only make subtle changes, perhaps by throwing a casual wedding or writing their own wedding vows. However, some couples have an interest or hobby that they both enjoy so much that they cannot deny the urge to make it into a fun themed wedding. An unusual theme could call for a unique location, incorporate non-traditional decorations, and most often includes elaborate costumes for the couple exchanging vows. Below are some over-the-top and maybe even ridiculous themed weddings—but they are all sure to create a memorable and fun event.

Zombie Wedding

Is this one just a silly online video, or did this couple really have a zombie wedding? The growing popularity of zombie-themed books, movies, and TV shows over the last few years has inspired some zombie fans to host zombie-themed weddings. This ridiculous theme has the bride and groom wearing heavy stage makeup that makes them appear “undead.” The wedding attire is tattered and doused in costume blood. Couples that really get into their zombie-themed wedding even lurch down the aisle like zombies, pose for their wedding pictures like zombies, and emit zombie groans and screams as they speak their vows. This theme eliminates the sometimes stuffy, quiet wedding crowd, and instead encourages laughter, cheers, and crowd participation. Vampires make another popular undead wedding theme.

Outdoor Wedding

Star Trek Wedding

When it comes to odd wedding themes, a Star Trek wedding is a popular choice all around the world. While some couples opt for form-fitting Star Trek bodysuits for the bridal party, others go for full-on Klingon makeup and the customary Star Trek pointy ears. Some bridal makeup and costumes are so extensive that you can’t even recognize the bride or groom. Spending multiple hours on your wedding day being transformed into a fictional (and certainly not very pretty) species may not be everyone’s cup of tea—but it makes for a fun day.

Shrek Wedding

Who doesn’t want to be their favorite cartoon prince or princess? In honor of their first date movie selection, a couple from Wales threw a Shrek-themed wedding. The couple proclaimed their love in green face paint and ogre ears. To encourage their wedding party and guests to partake in the theme, the couple asked everyone to come as their favorite cartoon characters. Wedding guests dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters like Snow White, Belle, Pocahontas, and Lord Farquaad. Onlookers probably mistook the wedding for a costume party, but the pics make it clear that all in attendance were in on the fun.

Star Wars Wedding

In a 2011, a Baltimore couple decided to host a Star Wars-themed wedding. While the bride and groom wore fairly traditional wedding attire, the groom carried a light saber and they hired actors to come in as Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Imagine the reaction the flower girl and ring bearer had when they saw the actors in character!

Nudist Wedding

Costumes aren’t for everyone. In 1934 a Chicago couple opted to forgo clothing altogether and get married nude in the forest. The entire bridal party was nude, and even the officiator wore nothing more than a wrap around his waist. Surely there have been plenty of weddings since where the bride and groom opted to wear only their birthday suits.

This article is written by Ryan Stewart.  If you are going to a theme wedding, he suggests that you play along with the happy couple, after all, it is their special day.