5 Reasons Why Coasters Make The Perfect Party Wedding Favors

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Thinking of a perfect wedding or party favor? Why not hand out coasters? Today, coasters still stand as one of the bestselling items in the gift industry. They’re elegant, functional and can be customized in any way you want. Here are five great reasons you should consider handing out coasters as a wedding favor.

Budget Friendly: Weddings are quite expensive, so expensive that some couples skip the favors altogether. But if you’re looking for something small but classy to show your guests appreciation, coasters provide a budget friendly way to do so. For less than $2 you can have a set of twopersonalized coasters to give to your family and friends. You can cut your expense down even more when you give one set per couple. Bamboo and cork coasters are usually preferred since they’re lighter and easier to ship, but glass coasters leave a lasting impression. Just be prepared to pay more for shipping the heavier glass coasters.

Beautiful packaging: You’re spared the additional costs of wrapping your favors when you choose coasters. Most quality coasters come in beautiful prepackaged boxes, so all you’ll need to do is add any personal touches that you want to add and hand out to your guests. This will not only save money, but you’ll save a lot of time as well- something that will be in short supply when you’re planning a wedding.

Practical: So many times people throw out the wedding favors given to them simply because they take up space and are not very useful. Coasters on the other hand, will appeal to both sexes since they probably won’t be designed to fit a feminine theme. More than that, they’re useful, so they can be used long after the wedding has come and gone. Make sure that the design is simple and elegant to increase the usefulness of the coaster. They must be able to fit into any home or office décor.

Dual purpose: What to leverage your coasters even more and delight your friends and family? Use your coasters as tabletop decorations or to lay out the seating arrangements at the dinner tables. Guests can then take their coasters when dinner is finished. That’s the way to put your budget friendly coasters to good use!

A Gift that your Guests will Appreciate: Some brides go all out with favors because they simply don’t want to look cheap. Coasters, depending on the design you choose, will be a perfect wedding favor to give to your guests. More traditional favors are also great but chances are they’re not as useful and they take more time to assemble and distribute. Choose some elegant coasters that fit in with your wedding’s theme – in a neutral way- and give your guests something they’ll be happy to take home.

Amber Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, artist and fitness nut. With a background in marketing and small business development, Amber utilizes LovePromos for promotional coasters for her bar and restaurant clients. Follow Amber on Twitter at twitter.com/cosmiclee