5 Great Tips on Hair Styles and Hair Brushes

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Let’s talk about hair and hairbrushes today. Of course, I understand you are not a man and so this might not interest you, Yes, you are right, a woman will definitely be interested in this…but hey, just a sec, how about if you pick a tip here that comes as a godsend to your special lady? Women are very fussy about their looks. This cannot be complete without attention to their hair. What a special gift you can be to a woman’s heart if you present her with the following tips to help her manage her hair.

Although they hardly scream about this except to themselves, ladies often find it somewhat a challenge to settle on the correct type of hair brush for their hair. It requires no mentioning that women’s hair types are so diverse and different in texture, and no particular type of brush is suitable for all hair types. So if you are a lady or a man who cares about his woman, how can you tell which type of hair brush is right for you/her? Here are tips.

  • If you have tried several brushes and combs but you are still unable to settle on any types, go with what feels comfortable on your hair and scalp. This is the easiest way out, but there is a caveat here; you should remember when it is so easy something is not right. You want your hair to feel healthy but not frizzy, don’t you?
  • The second most obvious tip about hair management is starting early and never forgetting your lessons along the way. Why am I telling you this? The main goal of hair-care is to prevent and protect your hair from being damaged. How are you going to do this if you are not disciplined enough to stick to a routine?
  • Under certain conditions you might not require a brush at all. Your fingers will come in handy. When your hair is wet, don’t use a brush of any kind. Try a wide-toothed comb; and for Christ sake, never tousle, twist or wring your hair dry in a towel! Isn’t this what you have been accustomed to?
  • You hate a lot of static in your hair, but this is unavoidable in dry weather, dry indoor air or if you have very fine hair. Sometimes this can be as a result of a brush with tines or plastic bristles. You can solve this in various ways like avoiding too much coloring or perm, direct exposure to the sun, use natural bristle brush or mist hair spray on the brush while restyling.
  • Have all types of brushes for different purposes. Maybe you are not aware of this – different brushes are meant for different things i.e. styling or creating curls and waves. You will find out what is suitable for you according to your hair length, texture and the style you desire. Brushes are available for specific purposes. Do not just assume you can pick any type. Ask your stylist.

And you are right – why bother about the type of brush while your hair stylist is there to take care of that. This is a wrong assumption because you won’t have the time/chance to dash to your stylist every time you need a makeover, and how about those times you sneak into the ladies for a touch-up?

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for woodstechnique where you can find dr woods hair transplant and dr ray woods review.