4 Hand-Made Bag Tutorials for Funky School Looks

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It’s been approximately three months since school began. This means that we have been seeing a lot of school uniforms, some plain, others fashionable. Most girls dread having to wear an uniform to school, but others enjoy accessorizing it with colorful leggings, funky jackets and other statement clothing items. For all the trendy girls out there, school hallways become an improvised runway, where they show of their latest fashion ideas. If you are also a high-school or college student and you are looking for a great quality bag or purse that nobody else in your school has you should turn your attention to websites like Etsy.

Hand-made goodies might be exactly what you need for this year. We know that every woman is special, and this is why we believe that hand-made bags are an essential element of a school ensemble. For those of you who do not wish to sew their very own bag, there are many products, like the Reef bags, which will most definitely do the trick, but if you are feeling inventive, here are five handmade bag tutorials that you can try:

handmade bags

#1 She Carries Flowers Purse

This handmade purse probably has the most extensive tutorial that I have found on the internet so far. Not only is it extremely cute, but the dimensions are suitable for carrying books around with ease. The straps are long enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders, and the interior is incredibly pretty. You can find the tutorial here.  In order to complete it you will need wool, or wool-like tweed fabric, cotton fabric, fusible fleece, matching thread and a magnet closure. The pretty flowers are the centerpiece of this lovely bag, and you can create as many as you’d like.

#2 Trendy Faux Leather Handbag

Leather bags don’t necessarily have to be extremely expensive, at least not when you are making them yourselves. I have found an extremely well detailed tutorial for creating the red leather handbag of your dreams. Faux leather is extremely easy to sew, because it is soft. You will have to be careful when sewing, because carefully created details is what makes faux leather look like the real thing. If you are going to commit to this mission, you should prepare an sewing machine, and an Ultra Glide Foot.

#3 Versatile Cotton Waxcloth and Leather Tote

In this great leather and cotton waxcloth tote you will be able to carry anything, and I mean anything. It is incredibly spacious and comfortable to use. In terms of appearance, it has a somewhat vintage look to it. The full tutorial can be found here, and just so you know, it is the perfect guide for the do-it-yourselfer. If you can sew a straight line, you will be able to sew this bag, so don’t worry about your sewing skills!

#4 Messenger Bag

This is my favorite bag from the list, because it is suitable for both business and pleasure. It is true that crafting it will take a bit longer, but the Messenger back is definitely worth the effort. The crafter talks about two sizes, but you will probably be needing the larger one. I suggest wool or wool blends for the exterior, and fleece sew-in for the interior. Find some vintage metal buttons to recreate a vintage look. The tutorial can be found on Obsessive Crafting Disorder. Have Fun!

These bags are very trendy, and if you decide to make them you can be sure that you will have a one-of-a-kind accessory to parade it at school. I hope you will like these bags as much as I do, and you’ll also have fun creating them. If you aren’t feeling very confident about your sewing skills, you can also send them to a sewing artist.