21st Century Pop Culture Trends

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Trends, like time, are ever changing. What was made for yesterday’s fashion is today’s ‘retro’ theme. What was ‘noise’ in the 20th century is music in the 21st. Bell bottoms have been replaced by skinny pants. From the clothes we wear to the gadgets we use, everything is at the mercy of the current trends. The new century has brought along with it many new trends and cults that have appealed to the masses and thus have been incorporated in the popular culture of today.

The following are some of the pop culture trends of the 21st century:

Tech era:The 21st century saw the death of the CD and the birth of the iPod. Older technology has paved the way for better technology. Smaller, compact and more convenient gadgets have come into existence. Carrying an iPhone has become the new fad. Google and Yahoo search engines have replaced the good old reference books for writing assignments. Facebook and MySpace are the new ways of social interaction.

Television becomes the ‘Idiot Box’:Reality shows are the thing to ‘star’ in. The likes of Kardashian are being avidly watched every week. Sensible programming has made way for senseless programs that are nevertheless watched by millions. Whether it is to show your dance skills or your cooking talent, every reality show has an audience. Television has proved that it is in fact, an idiot box.

The times of Bieber and Bon Jovi:Even though Presley, Beatles and Pink Floyd remain evergreen favorites, newer singing sensations have found admirers. Alternative rock, hip- hop music has found takers in the generation born with iPods in their hands.

Reading in the time of e-books:Edward Cullen has become the new “heartthrob” (many will disagree!), replacing the conventional Mills & Boon heroes. Vampires, werewolves have found their own niche in the hugely popular ‘fantasy’ genre of books. Although the first Harry Potter books released way back in the 1990s, the true mania for the ‘boy-who-lived’ started in the 21st century. Magic, thus became a genre that fast attracted readers. The impetus given to technology has also boosted the use of blogs to express your views and opinions which can be viewed by almost anyone with internet.

Stories on the Silver Screen:Superior quality special effects accompanied with 3D glasses have become the norm for every movie worth its salt. The masses are willing to shell out huge amounts of money provided they get a great movie watching experience replete with new munchies and drinks. Films with great social messages are gaining mass appeal. Films calling for social, political, economic intervention are finding an audience. Indie films, which may not have received as much attention as it deserved in the past, are being praised across all dimensions. Thus, this is an age of experimentation as far as our films are concerned.

Thus, every couple of years or decades our way of functioning is changing, bringing with them new developments, trends and fads. Now it is up to us to see if we wish to see these trends through to another couple of decades or cast them aside to make way for newer trends.