10 Amazing Facts about Wigs

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Caitlin Jenner wears one, John Travolta wears one, and Matthew McConaughey may or may not wear one – we’re not sure, but strongly suspect that he does. In fact, he does. Chris Martin might, Nicholas Cage definitely does – although only when in front of the camera. He claims. So does Elton John, but everyone knows that. Lady Gaga enjoys wearing one, so too Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj, as well. Robert Pattinson looks good in one, Rihanna often has a red one, and Gwen Stafani a platinum blonde one. She looks OK, but not as great as everyone makes out. Javier Bardem wore one as a Bond baddie and Maggie Smith wore one for Downton Abbey. Chuck Norris wears one. Chuck Norris!

10 Amazing Facts about Wigs

Wigs are alive and well and on top of a head near you. Here are 9 literally unbelievable facts about wigs.

  1. The term ‘wig’ is over 300 years old, coming from the word ‘periwig,’ the traditional wig worn by barristers and judges.
  2. Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, is said to have owned over 150 wigs.
  3. King Louis XIV had more than 40 wig makers.
  4. Mozart wore a wig to hide a deformity: an extra lobe on his left ear.
  5. 5. King Charles II used to wear a wig made from the pubic hairs of his mistress.
  6. Andy Warhol’s wig was sold at auction for almost $11,000.
  7. A custom-made wig may take around two months to be made.
  8. An ancient Egyptian wig recovered in perfect condition has 120,000 individual hairs – an average head of hair has in the region of 100,000.
  9. Sodden teabags provide excellent camouflage for the application of a lace front wig: the darker your skin, the more dabs of the teabag to hid the colour of the lace mesh.
  10. Oprah Winfrey once wore a wig that weighed as much as 10 average-sized, uncooked potatoes.

Wigs: human hair, heavy, ancient, camouflaged, discreet, outrageous, expensive, custom made and worn by celebrities, geniuses, kings, queens and the pharaohs.